Agreement To Pay On Behalf

Seller (a) enters into an agreement with the Authorized Subcontractor acceptable to Buyer to receive Processing Services (“Processing Agreement”), thereby authorizing the Authorized Subcontractor to pay daily cash charged to the specified percentage of credit card receivables to Buyer and not to Seller or (b) Buyer or Buyer`s agent; debit the account (as defined below) until the buyer receives cash attributable to the total amount of the indicated future. Demands. The Licensee has the power and authority to execute, deliver and execute this Agreement. This agreement is binding and enforceable vis-à-vis the distributor, and no provision requiring the distributor to perform is contrary to its obligations under an agreement in which the merchant participates. (i) the seller may not sell, sell, sell, transfer or transfer its business or assets without the express written consent of the buyer; The seller does not enter into a simultaneous agreement with any buyer other than the buyer on the purchase and sale of future receivables. Section 1.1. Trade credits. The borrower agrees to borrow the loan amount and the lender agrees to lend the loan amount to the borrower. The Borrower agrees to repay the amount of the Loan, plus fees (as defined below) as well as any other amount that may be due to the Lender under this Agreement, in accordance with the required periodic payments indicated below and described on the Portal.

During this agreement, the borrower will at all times give us sufficient access to view the activities in (a) the borrower`s transaction account, including, but not limited to, one or more registered deposit accounts whose details the borrower has provided to the lender (individually and collectively, as the case may be, the borrower`s “bank account”), (b) the marketplace(s) on which the borrower carries out transactions, and (c) other sales and transit accounts and data that the lender deems necessary and appropriate to control the borrower`s activities and finances. Any dispute or concern that the Borrower has with respect to the Borrower`s purchases or the sums that the Borrower owes to the Beneficiary shall be settled exclusively between the Borrower and the Beneficiary, and the Borrower understands and agrees that (a) the Acts or Omissions of the Beneficiary have no influence on the Borrower`s agreement with us and do not give rise to a defence; and (b) The lender is not liable to the borrower in connection with such purchases. You represent and warrant PayPal that any transaction you process with Braintree Payment Services will be for the sole provision of goods or services in good faith (including utilities) to your customers. To the extent PayPal receive transaction funds from your customers, you designate PayPal and PayPal agree to serve as the ordering officer to receive such payments from your customers on your behalf. You agree that in the event of PayPal who have received payment from a customer: (a) you are presumed to have received payment from that customer; (b) the customer`s obligation to you is fully complied with in connection with such payment; (c) any right you have for such payment against the customer is extinguished and (d) You are required to deliver the corresponding goods or services to the customer, whether or when PayPal acquirer orders you to make such payment to you. Each receipt provided to the customer binds you and meets all applicable regulatory requirements. This paragraph defines all of PayPal`s obligations as a representative for the receipt of payment, and no other obligation is implied by the obligation to PayPal act in this capacity. This paragraph does not limit the rights PayPal against you or the funds held by PayPal, including a right of set-off or a right of guarantee over such funds. We may share your telephone numbers with our service providers (for example.B. billing or collection companies) with whom we have entered into a contract to help us exercise our rights or fulfil our obligations arising from the agreement, our guidelines or another agreement we have with you.

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