Microsoft Dynamics Solution Provider Agreement

The Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is intended for service providers and ISVs who wish to license authorized Microsoft products to host software services and applications for end customers. SPLA provides license rights to the monthly hosting of certain Microsoft products for a period of three years, as described in the Microsoft Use Rights (SPUR) service provider, with prices based on usage rights. The SPA FY10 is now available here: 9 How you reinsert – Step 3 Your spa partner must submit two hard copies of the following documents: – The SPA – signature required. – The spa profile form (just a copy). NOTE: Don`t forget to add your MSPP ID. – The contact details of the solution that correspond to the products you want to sell. If you have affiliates who want to place orders within a region, please send: – the affiliate agreement. – The affiliate profile form(s). Access to contracts: NOTE: The Regional Operations Center must have activated your agreement before July 1, 2006 to be able to continue accepting orders – you can count on at least two weeks of processing. Section 2.2 of the SPA Guide contains detailed instructions on how to register the required documents and where they must be submitted. 3 You must be a Microsoft Licensing Solutions (LSP) provider to sell licenses and subscriptions through Microsoft Enterprise agreements and records.

Find new revenue streams by providing Microsoft online services and outsource billing and support offerings to indirect providers. When I look at the minimum requirements of February 20, 2020 (, I see in the list of tests that are withdrawn. MB6-896 and MB6-897. Mb6-894 is still in effect, but will be retired on January 31, 2021. Shouldn`t there be new testing requirements based on the MB300, 310, 320, 330 and 500? 13 How to reconnect with MSPP Registered, Certified Or Gold Certified Level If you re-register: – Confirm that your tests have been completed by accessing VOICE. Note: If you have met the trial requirements for at least one of the mbS competency specialties, both MCP requirements required for registration at the certificate or gold level apply. It`s important that Microsoft understands the exams that your organization has passed. – Go to – update your profile information. -Enter your MBS account number. -Enter your customer references (if applicable). Note: Make sure your client approves of them and then assign them to the specialization you want to earn. -Pay your program fee (if applicable).

Who do I pay to? The CSP provider is the partner you order with who invoices you.. . . .