Transfer Agreement Unr

If you request your official transcript from your NSHE institution, the “NSHE to NSHE transfer” method is recommended. Your transcript is sent electronically by your institution to UNLV, which speeds up the process for you! At least 24 transferable college credits. Although the number of credits that can be transferred is not limited, it is necessary to obtain at least half of the total number of credits required to obtain a bachelor`s degree at a four-year accredited university. Thirty First Division credits must be obtained in residence at the University of Nevada, Reno. Information on military training and previously evaluated transfer courses is available in the link below. courses of NSHE institutions are accepted for equivalent courses by common numbering of courses. Unparalleled NSHE courses and courses from other institutions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis on the basis of course title, benenner, credits, course numbering system used by the institution and course description, if applicable. High-level courses are generally not acceptable for general education requirements, but may apply on a case-by-case basis to priority requirements. Postgraduate courses are not accepted to meet certification and/or certification requirements. The WNC faculty is consulted on the entry if necessary to determine whether a transfer course corresponds to a WNC course and/or must meet a program requirement. When a student does not agree with a transfer credit assessment, the student is asked to obtain and submit additional written information about the courses involved, such as a decider or program and/or a course description, if it was not originally available.

When a student questions an assessment from a non-traditional source, the student is invited to receive additional written information about the training, including the number of hours of training, information on the source of training, accreditation, etc. Admissions and records review a change in the initial assessment when such information is provided. If you repeat a transferable trajectory to the same institution, the first attempt will not be included in the calculation of the GPA for accreditation. UNLV does not recognize any academic policy of renewal or forgiveness of other institutions. To convert quarter credits to the value of semi-annual credits, multiply the credits in half and divide them by three (two-thirds ratio). For admission, credits are not cancelled and all credits earned are assessed. If you have acquired an Applied Science Associate (AAS) or General Studies Associate (AGS) or do not have an associate degree, you must meet the general transfer requirements. If this information is not available and/or if the student does not agree with the second assessment, he can call for the evaluation of transfer credits.