Reach of Facebook content may extend beyond user account holders

According to new Pew Research Center studies involving Facebook, the reach of Facebook content may extend beyond user account holders.

The research suggests 24% of Facebook non-adopters who live with an account holder say that they look at photos or posts on that person’s account.

With Facebook reporting 1.23 billion monthly active users as of December 31, 2013, it is interesting to consider how content is shared among people who have Facebook accounts and those who don’t use Facebook but know someone who does. While somewhat minor, it does suggest statistical “reach” numbers within social media tools, such Facebook Insights, have some limitations in what they can report.

At the least, this data suggests there is some content posted through Facebook that is compelling enough to share beyond the singular user experience of the individual account holder. There is some content that even people without accounts are attempting to seek.

The next questions are, “What is it about that content that is so interesting and what exactly are people viewing?”

Fortunately there are some tools within Facebook to help content publishers identify the most popular posts and the types of posts that gather the most interest. This information is valuable, but from a business perspective it limited in value and scope.

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