About this site

This website serves as a platform for research, thoughts and ideas about a variety of topics involving communication, information architecture and new methods of disseminating information. More information specifically about me can be found in the Contact Us section of the website.

One of the primary objectives of this site will be for use as a storage location for academic articles with my own related notes along with full citations and, when possible, full articles in Adobe .pdf format for future reference.

Bibliography information will be completely available online to everyone who visits and special access to the original articles will be available to colleagues working on research projects after logging into this site.

Under the “”Links”” section of this website are links to other helpful information and most importantly a link to “”Suggested Reading”” where links to actual portions of books are available through Google Books.

Below are details about the infrastructure of this website to provide credit to the developers of these open source components and assist others with understanding how to gain the greatest benefit from open source technology and tools for communicating via the internet.

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