My new favorite word – intrapreneur

The word “”intrapreneur”” ran across my eyes recently. I can’t recall now whether I actually read it in a job description at the IDEO corporation or not. I believe the IDEO job description referenced the term and I was intrigued. I like to read the IDEO job descriptions from time to time because every now and then they throw out a job title like “”Story Teller and Creative Guru”” or something else fascinating that one wouldn’t expect to see in the average job description.

I also came across the same word “”intrapreneur”” in the February 2008 edition of How Magazine. Don’t ask me how I have a copy of How Magazine for February 2008 in December of 2007 – I suppose it is a perk of subscription.

This “”intrapreneur”” is a great concept and seems to have been around for awhile. I like the term so much because so frequently it seems risk-taking and “”thinking out of the box”” kinds of ideas are tossed around so much but those ideas seem to be more fit for those working outside larger organizations.

Of course larger organizations are always encouraging those types of thinking but the larger organizational constructs seem to contradict the entreprenurial spirit. Adpoting much of the spirit of entrepreneur but respecting the organizational structure and using that structure as leverage in ways one without the resources of a large organization would not have at hand seem to be what composes the concept of the intrapreneur.

Learn more at¬†where one may find more details about intrapreneur and the “”Ten Commandments of the Intrapreneur”” which should be on the mind of everyone working within a larger structured organization.

There are some also great ideas in on article about the “corporate immune system” and how the organizational white blood cells seek and destroy attempts at change and innovation.

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