Portals and social revolution

I attended a great presentation at the SunGard Summit 2008 by a professor from Kansas State about web 2.0 and the cultural implications of this style of web interaction. He describes it as a social revolution the will continue to evolve.

Michael Wesch provided example of how he is using portals as a means of collaboration among his students. He had a phenomenal presentation at the conference but unfortunately his exact presentation from the conference is not available in any format that I have been able to find. He was, however, kind enough to send me a link to a similar presentation that carries a lot of the same content from the SunGard Summit.

The link below has links to several interesting presenations but the specific link to the presentation from Michael Wesch is in the lower left hand corner.

Shortly before the conference I came across this article in Fast Company magazine (Issue 122, February 2009) talking about a book that I have enjoyed reading that explains some social dynamics. This article featuring ideas by Duncan Watts that bring up measurable counterpoints to the concepts proposed in the book “”Tipping Point”” by Malcolm Gladwell. Overall, this article in Fast Company sheds more light on the social networking phenomenon.

Digital ecosystems such as portals, content management systems and other Web 2.0 technologies present new opportunities for social revolution and there is much still to learn about social networking phenomenon.

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